We welcome and support any hardware/software projects which can benefit our platform. So, do not hesitate attempting to apply our tools into your application and design.

Our Rules:

  1. ProtoLeap is an open source platform, therefore if your project is confidential or has proprietary information, it should not be shared here.
  2. If the info you are submitting here belongs to someone else you will be responsible for sharing and disclosing it to the public, so we strongly recommend you make sure the information shared here is not confidential and/or is not proprietary to any entity.
  3. ProtoLeap will not be responsible for any infringement of your info or anyone else’s info if it is published on our website as this is an open source platform.
  4. We present part of the project documents to the public, so accessing all details needs to be logged into our system, this is to protect the community and track activities on our website for security purposes.
  5. ProtoLeap is a place for professionals who like to expand their knowledge and experience and we expect everyone to behave professional and respect others in all communication and aspect of this virtual media.

These rules don’t cover every possible use of ProtoLeap, but they explain our purpose and perspective.