ProtoLeap Starter

ProtoLeap Starter

Order yourself a ProtoLeap Starter board.


USB to SPI converter

12MHz clock

Independent 3.3V and 5V supplies

Wall adapter connection for up to 1A 

Micro USB connection for up to 500mA

LxW = 2.95"x 2.0"

15 columns x 10 rows

2 sets of rails for power

6 rows of rails to be used for extra board connections or power rails

1xTSSOP up to 8 pin, narrow and wide SMD footprints

1xSOIC up to 8 pin, narrow and wide SMD footprints

1xSOT23 up to 6 pin, SMD footprints

2x0603 and 0805 SMD footprints on top layer

49x0603 and 0805 SMD footprints on bottom layer