About Us






I have a masters degree in Electrical Engineering with over 20 years of experience in electronic design and development. Since 2005 I have been running a consulting and engineering firm; Arshon Technology with over $2M sales in Service Engineering. I am also the founder of pcbbasket.com which produces PCBs. The associated web portal makes ordering PCBs online a very easy task for everyone. ProtoLeap is a new venture and we are hoping we can provide a training and educational platform for everyone who likes to learn about advanced technologies by using low cost tools and already developed examples. Links to web pages are provided for your review.







I am a creative, knowledgeable electronic engineering looking to make an impact on the design world. I would love to keep creating electronics and keep expanding my knowledge. ProtoLeap is the future for me.









Electrical Engineer excited about learning electronics, circuit schematic design and general electrical design.